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Forum Rules!

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1default Forum Rules! Perş. Ocak 21, 2010 7:12 pm


ωєвмαѕтєя & gяαƒιкєя
ωєвмαѕтєя & gяαƒιкєя
We want to have a nice place where we can talk about Selena, play games, and joke around. There are kids on this forum so we want to be a good role model just as Selena is.

1. No swearing of any kind
(this includes acronyms). First offense we will just edit the post.
2nd offense we will edit the post and give you a warning. 3rd and
repeated offenses may result in temporary or permanent banning.

2. No selena Bashing! This will result in an immediate permanent ban.

3. 550x550 maximum signature size.

4. No offensive images.

5. No spamming. Meaning don't repeatedly post in a thread just to boost your post count.

6. No advertising. Don't advertise your website anywhere other than designated locations.

No hot-linking images. This means using an image from another site
without putting on an image hosting site (i.e. photobucket.)

Respect the privacy of other members. It is not acceptable to ask for
another members address, phone number, or anything like that. Any
circumstance where we may need to mail something, like the fan
appreciation gift, will be done through me.

9. No Drama. Anyone who tries to create drama here will be immediately ban.

10. Respect Selena's privacy. Don't ask anyone for her address, phone number, email, manager's email etc.

No bashing anyone. That includes the Miley Cyrus or anyone else. It is
disrespectful, and it makes it okay for other forums to bash Selena.

12. Advertising and style signatures and is completely forbidden topics.

We reserve the right to change any of these rules or add new ones at anytime without notice as we may need to.

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Falling Down

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2default Geri: Forum Rules! Perş. Ocak 21, 2010 10:22 pm


Hi i'm new in this forum, and i like it so much. I'm french, and i love selena too. I wanna thank all of the people who made this website for selena. I like it so much !

3default Geri: Forum Rules! Perş. Ocak 21, 2010 10:46 pm


thanks very good share

@xvolux; welcome to this forum, you can introduce yourself by opening a new topic smile36

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